Carol S. Brezeale, Legal Assistant Van Winkle Law Firm

"This  is to thank you for the many outstanding services you have provided the  past three years in assisting us in obtaining service on individuals we  were advised could not be located. You and your staff have gone above  and beyond any expectations we could have asked for in achieving service  of individuals hiding from service of process."

Kimberly J. Hart, Paralegal Motes & Carr, P.A.

 "I have never had to call and see if a  paper was served. I have never had to ask where my affidavit of service  is and if there was any difficulty in obtaining service, Mickey or  someone from her office contacts me immediately for further direction." 

Sharon W. Price, Secretary Littlepage Booth

 "I am writing to thank you for the  outstanding services provided by your firm. Your staff and servers went  over and above the duties that we typically expect from a  process-serving firm. Meredith was especially kind, helpful and  reliable." 

Debbie McAndrews, Attorney at Law Carmen M. Smith, Paralegal

 "Mickey and her staff go "above and beyond  the call of duty" in providing their clients with expert and efficient  service. It has been our experience that client satisfaction is their  number one goal and they are right on target." 

Beverly A. Beckett, Legal Assistant Billings, Cunningham, Morgan & Boatwright

 " I have been overwhelmed with the quality of service and professionalism provided by Mickey Eagle." 

Montine M. Long, Paralegal

 "Mickey never forgets to call my staff as  to the status of the service of process. Mickey has never seemed "too  busy" for our process service needs and her friendly face and smile has  lifted bad days to good days."